What Fits?

I made a bold choice by making Ery the shape and style she is, sacrificing the fact that she would not fit into a lot of the conventional clothes sizes we have for BJDs for the sake of her aesthetic and uniqueness. But, thankfully we have so many pre-existing clothing and accessory options!

(not to mention lots of talented seamstresses but that's not what we're focusing on here, sorry!)


I try to keep my doll clothing purchases affordable and stylish, and sincerely I hope you find this helpful and you find it easier to shop for your Culur Theory dolls!


Barbie Tops / Ken Tops - older barbie tops fit better than the newer ones because older barbies had larger busts. Ken shirts fit great for Minifee and Ery, but will a tad larger on Ery, but still fit well proportionally, although long sleeve Barbie shirts will be more like 3/4 sleeves. Ken long sleeve shirts will fit her arm length though!You can find lots of shirts and tops for Barbie and Ken on eBay for decent prices!

Here are some Barbie/Ken shirts/jackets modeled by Ery:

Minifee Tops - Minifee tops are a tad large for Ery, they aren't exactly baggy, but are on the larger side. Some tight fitting Minifee tops fit Ery quite well though! Long sleeve Minifee shirts will be too long in the arms, but it can be cute if desired!

Here are some Minifee shirts/jackets/sweaters modeled by Ery:

Standard MSD Tops - Standard MSD tops, or anything labeled MSD coming from China, the tops will be too big. Far too big for even Minifees.

Standard YoSD Tops - Standard YoSD tops will fit Volks YoSDs, which are fairly chubby, and will fit Ery and even Minifees well, but there is always the chance that they run small. Remember anything coming from China usually has a large seem allowance which means the clothes run large!

Littlefee Tops - Littlefee tops fit Ery really well! Even shirts meant for a tight fit on Littlefees will fit Ery.


Mostly the same goes for dresses as for shirts, with a few exceptions.

Barbie Dresses - Longer slim fitted Barbie dresses will not fit Ery because they will not fit around her big hips or thighs. A-Line or circle dresses may fit Ery, but depending on the length the Barbie dress is supposed to be, the dress may fit as a shirt and not a dress.

Minifee Dresses - Minifee dresses are a tad large for Ery like the shirts, and usually a short Minifee dress will be longer on Ery, because Ery's torso is shorter than Minifee torsos.

Standard MSD Dresses - Most of the standard MSD size dresses I have bought for Ery have been large but not unwearable.

Standard YoSD Dresses - YoSD dresses fit Ery great! Although there are a few that will be tight in the bust, or short in length.

Littlefee Dresses - I have yet to try any, but I have a feeling that Littlefee dress will fit, but fit more like a shirt than a dress.

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