So, here's a bunch of information:

I have to start from the last preorder. In short, I planned on casting through Haru Casting, but there was an issue with the brand of primer I used, so originally, it wasn't possible for me to cast through Haru. So I found a local resin caster, and I got scammed. This local caster, cost a lot less than Haru, and I based my first preorder prices off of her service prices. When she wasn't fulfilling her promises, I left her, but did not receive my deposit back. I sent samples of my primer to Haru before I sent my doll to make sure the primer would not react poorly to Haru's type of silicon. The test went well and I sent the rest of my doll and the preorder continued. 

So in short-short, my previous prices during the first preorder were based off of the first caster. The price increase is due to the cost of Haru's services. Which are impeccable!

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Now for the information you actually care about:

Preorder will take place:

JULY 20, 2019

at 2PM PST

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Some more info you probably want to know:

Any and all of this information is subject to change or revision

  • Full dolls will cost $700, heads alone will cost $200, faceplates are $150

  • I will not be offering faceups - MAYBE artist choice.

  • Faceplates that will be available are: Ery, Oliver, An, and No Name

  • Only Culur Theory body Version 2 will be available (Large bust only) See Culur Theory V2 body on IG for more details

  • Maximum of 1 month layaway will be available. (50% upfront, 50% in 1 month)

  • Skintones that will be available are: Snow White, Peach, Baby Blue and Coco Tan

  • Baby Blue and Coco tan are +$20 

  • Preorder FULL DOLLS will be stock limited to 35 dolls

  • Preorder HEADS with HEADBACKS will be time limited to July 27, 2019

  • Preorder FACEPLATES will be time limited to July 27, 2019

  • Dolls come strung and include high heel feet and shoes

  • Boxes include COA


  • International customers: I CANNOT SHIP TO RUSSIA (Unless you have friends in Europe. Input THEIR address not yours when checking out)

  • If you want to avoid customs fees and you want your parcel sent as a 'gift', valued under $50, you are liable for damage or loss. Otherwise, I will mark your parcel as a gift valued as the cost of your order total.


  •  If you purchase more than one doll, I will invoice you for additional shipping and handling fee. More details regarding will be available soon.

  • All sales final.

  • If your doll arrives (god forbid) with broken parts, contact me immediately and I will have to contact Haru casting to make replacement parts

This will not be the last preorder.

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I hope I answered all your questions!

You're all wonderful, thanks for supporting me!!

♡ Leilah



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