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❣️Important info for Culur Theory's first release!❣️

This first release will only have 40 dolls. Price is $480, give or take $30. I will be releasing my dolls for order again, but since this is my first time with working with a casting company and sending out my dollies, this is limited order so I can get a feel for all this :-)

I will not be offering heads and bodies seperate for purchase.

Dolls will be released in the 5 skin tones, and 3 faceplates will be available (Ery, Kahti, and An). High heel feet and shoes are INCLUDED. Different skin tones will not cost extra for this release.


Stringing will be optional - Ordering stringing will cost extra. Stringing costs $20.

There won't be an end date to this order, once all 40 slots are gone, the pre-order will be over. If the pre-order takes too long (longer than 1 month) then I will close the pre-order.

1 month layaway will be the only layaway option I will be taking at the moment, 50% up front, the second 50% one month to the day you paid your first portion. I will send you an invoice and you will have 48 hours to pay the second invoice. If you're unable to finish your payment, you have 1 week to pay the remaining amount along with a $35 late fee. If you're unable to complete the payments, you will receive a full refund minus $35 for inconvenience fee. 

Faceups will be slots will open at the exact same time pre-orders for dolls open, I will be offering 10 faceup slots, you must email me your form that you can find on my faceup website (culur-faceups.com) within 48 hours to receive your slot. Faceups are $75.

Additionally, I will be offering 5 artist slots, where the faceup is 100% up to me, you cannot choose what you would like. No form necessary for this faceup slot! Arstist's faceups are $60

Updates! I will be updating as often as I get updates from my caster, and updates will be on Instagram mostly, but if demand is enough, I will updated a blog that you can find on this website.

           Other questions?

Ask them in my post that looks like this -

            and I'll add the answer here!

Here's the samples I got, but only the Normal Skin and Grey skin are accurate samples of the colours I'm getting. The rest are due to change.
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