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UPDATE 6/21/19
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If you came here from Instagram looking to purchase my dolls, please follow me on Instagram for the most accurate and timely updates.
If you came here looking for information on Ery, you can look under my FAQ, there you can find her dimensions and sizing. Click here for Ery's FAQ
I have a section I've started on clothes that fit Ery. Check it out here to see What Fits Ery!
If you came here looking for information on my faceups and getting a commission spot from me to get a doll painted, please check out my faceup website! -> www.culurs.wixsite.com/culur
If you're here curious about the process of making BJDs, or are interested in learning how, I have a small beginner guide, click here to see Making A BJD
If you have any other questions, try sending me a DM on Instagram, or emailing me! (culurfull@gmail.com) I do tend to get lots of mail/questions, I may busy. But I try to get back to everyone!

Hi, I'm Leilah

I am just a 22 year young child from Oregon who loves colours, dolls, toys, cats and all things cute. I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design, majoring in Toy Design in 2019. Join me on my journey in making everything

colourful and cute!!

This is Ery

She is my baby and my one true love.

You can pre-order in the near future!

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