I made a bold choice by making Ery the way she is, sacrificing the fact that she would not fit into a lot of the conventional clothes sizes we have for BJDs for the sake of her aesthetic and uniqueness. But, thankfully we have so many pre-existing clothing and accessory options

(not to mention lots of talented seamstresses but that's not what we're focusing on here, sorry!)


So without further adieu, here is my research! I am no millionaire, not even close at all,

actually I'm a college student. Which means I'm the farthest you can be from a millionaire.

Anyways, I try to keep my doll clothing purchases affordable and stylish, and sincerely I hope you find this helpful and you find it easier to shop for your Culur Theory dolls!



Starting with my the most important of course.

These will be for Ery's flat feet only.  Her flat feet are conveniently 1 inch by 2 inches (2.54 cm x 5.08 cm) 

The Mary Jane

                                                  Simple and cute, a classic. Ery's feet fit these perfectly width wise,

                                                           but the shoes are a tad long. Probably about a 3/4 to 1 cm too long.

                                                           But they look cute!!

                                                            ⇦ Click the image to buy! These red ones are $7.57 USD.

                                                           The link is for the exact shoes I purchased.


If you're not a fan of red or need a different colour, there are more color options for this size and style of shoe, but unfortunately you have to buy all the colours :-)

You can't just buy 1.                                Also click the image to buy ⇨


So if you do the math, which I won't make you do, these shoes are 

$7.18 each, which is cheaper than buying the red shoes but not really cuz you have to buy 4

If your search around on eBay, you can probably find these shoes 

sold individually. I was too busy writing this to search, so if you find

some of these shoes sold individually for a reasonable price, do let

me know!

The Converse/Sneaker

                                                                 These are super cheap, super fun and there are a million colours

                                                                 and styles of these. This shoe fits perfect width wise for Ery, and

                                                                 I think might be a little long for her bitty foot, but you can't

                                                                 really tell :-)


                                                                 So, this pair of black shoes is sold for the low low price of $2.66

                                                                 with free shipping of course.  

          Click to buy! ⇧

You can also buy these in sets of two for super cheap, like less than $5. (All click to buy ⇩)

Black & Purple - $4.19            Black & White - $4.95              Red & Red - $4.13              Blue & Black - $4.18




Also some other styles/prints (All click to buy ⇩)





                                             Tough work boots, assassin boots, moody teen, whatever it is, these 

                                                    boots are perfect for just about anything. They fit Ery's feet perfect, the

                                                    annoying thing is you kind of have to loosen the laces as much as they 

                                                    can to fit Ery's chubby foot in. But the shoe fits fine in terms of width 

                                                    and length!

                                                    ⇦ Click to buy! Available in all the colours shown in the photo, but

                                                    inconveniently listed as a separate listing instead of having a drop-down

                                                    tab >:-( 

They're $8.37 + $3 shipping from Hong Kong.

These Boots

                                          Not sure what to call them, but they're cute! 

                                                 These boots I have not purchased and tried myself, but I believe they will

                                                 fit Ery. They look wide enough which is the main concern I have for Ery's


                                                       These are also available in all the colours shown, but inconveniently                                                               listed as a separate listing like the boots above.

                                                       ⇦ Click to buy! They're $8.16 with free shipping.

And these Boots                                       

                                              Now, I have these boots, I THINK, I bought them years ago so I don't

                                                      know if this is the exact listing. In this listing it says that the shoe's

                                                      inner length is 4.5cm (hence why they're YoSD), which is about 0.5cm                                                            shorter than we need it to be.

                                                      But I have these shoes and the fabric or whatever it's made of,

                                                      gives just enough to let Ery's chubby foot in. But I have damaged the

                                                      shoe in the process. I'm sure if you were more gentle and patient, the 

                                                      shoe won't wear as much and as fast. 

                                                     ⇦ Click to buy! These are $15.30 with free shipping.

These Shoes!!

                                                  I don't know what to call these shoes, but I'm glad they were made.

                                                             If this shoe style has a name, please tell me what they're called.

                                                             These shoes are pricey. I remember looking at this listing and telling

                                                             myself I'm buying these for research. Haha.

                                                             Anyways, they're really cute and they fit well! They width wise                                                                         perfectly, and they're about 1/3 of a centimeter too long but it's

                                                             okay. Worth. They come in blue and pink.


                                                             ⇦ Click to buy! These are $35.39                                                              

                                                                  with $6.90 shipping from HK

                                                                     I feel a little guilty for buying these 8'-(


What Fits?

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